• Network Assurance System Technician

    Job Description

    As a network quality assurance technician, you will help the organizational network system under quality engineers or supervisors. As an expert assurance technician, you will evaluate and resolve quality issues, make assessment plans and guidelines, choose test applications, review the instruction manual, and implement site audits.

    Network Assurance System Technicians have the following job responsibilities

    • To manage the installation, testing, and troubleshooting of both voice and data network systems
    • To perform installation, testing and troubleshooting of transmission facilities
    • To keep system applications running at peak performance
    • To monitor network quality
    • To perform network security checks to protect against cyber-attacks
    • To provide support for various users in an IT department
    • To maintain error logs and to provide resolutions to problems
    • To update site-specific daily logs
    • To upgrade multi-service networks for voice, data, internet and video traffic on a single network
    • To troubleshoot hardware failures and server issues
    • To validate hardware and software
    • To perform checks of a network’s backup plan
    • To organize and plan system maintenance to avoid interruptions.
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